Here are a few pics of my sweet dog, Payton. He’s nine years old now. I got him from a rescue in Southern California a year after my dog
Humphrey died of stomach bloat. I always thought Payton was a German Shepherd mixed with something else—maybe Lab. But lately
on my walks with him many dog lovers see Husky in him because of his mask and his long, curled-over tail. Further evidence could be
that he loves the cold weather! Whatever he is, he’s been a wonderful companion and I’m blessed to have him.


On April 1, 2017, I said goodbye to my beloved dog, Payton. He was my sidekick, my teacher, my muse, my instant antidepressant,
and my brightest light. I will miss him more than words can say. The short video below includes footage I shot of Payton a few years
ago on my old iPhone.